Managed digital solutions that take care of the legwork so that you can take care of all your new customers.

Managed local search and local SEO

People regularly conduct "local searches" looking for information specific to where they currently are - "where's the nearest restaurant, bar, nightclub?" 50% of these "near me" Google searches result in a visit to a business with over 70% of searches for "food" happening on a mobile device. We are entering an era when "local" will be the primary factor determining whether you will displayed in search results.

Behind the scenes in your online front of house (your web site) errors such as: solw site speed, poor structure, lack of keyword focus, minimal content, an over reliance on 3rd Party solutions, certain codes or scripts and languages could be making you invisible to search engines like Google. Taking advantage of capabilities beyond those normally available via manual management our managed local search and local SEO service makes sure your listings are up to date and accurate.

Our managed local search and local SEO will:

  • Amplify your presence on Google
  • Enhance listing engagement
  • Increase phone calls, bookings, and website visits
  • Boost your competitive advantage

PPC & Google AdWords management

With a proven track record helping businesses grow through PPC advertising - Google AdWords, paid search, display & remarketing and Social Media; we provide a hands-on approach to our clients' PPC advertising by building campaigns tailored towards your wants and needs to ensure maximum ROI.

We analyze and optimize daily to filter out people who are likely never to become customers, and focus, instead, on those who matter most.

  • Increase your quality score
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Reduce your cost per click
  • Improve your "CTR" (Click Through Rate)

24 hour customer service, ticketing & reputation management

Reviews for bars, restaurants, cafés, nightclubs and event venues are among the most read reviews online and form a crucial part of "the purchase decision" for 90% of US customers. Managing your reputation has never been more important than it is now and customer service & support is a key component in this.

From booking enquiries, table reservations through to ticketing, 24 hours, 7 days a week & 365 days a year we respond quickly to every customer question, issue or complaint. A positive reputation online will help customers trust your businesses, convert searchers into leads, boost local search rankings and increase the loyalty of current customers while gaining new customers.

Online, via email or a dedicated toll free phone number, 24 hours, 7 days a week & 365 days a year our managed 24 hour customer service ticketing & reputation management service will:

  • Increase your ticket sales / table bookings
  • Improve your cash-flow
  • Increase your "bottom line"
  • Enhance your reputation